Translational neurobiology


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Core purpose

Cerebroscience provides an integrated and multidisciplinary consultancy service to all stakeholders involved in the translation of neurobiological knowledge into medically useful products, especially medicines for the treatment of disorders of the brain. It does this through its unique blend of knowledge and expertise in the areas of neuroscience and scientific commercialisation.

The human brain


Cerebroscience offers an integrated and multidisciplinary approach consultancy service in a number of areas, including the following:

  • CNS drug discovery
  • CNS drug development
  • Scientific and commercial review
  • Strategic planning
  • Due diligence


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Archive news

Brain disorders and their treatment

The human brain is the most complicated organization of matter known and is responsible for our thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires and actions. Damage to (or disease of) the brain can cause a variety of symptoms that often impact the quality of life of those affected. The World Health Organisation indicates that brain disorders will become the major medical need of the 21st century. Innovative new medicines have the potential to reduce the impact of the substantial increase in the burden of brain disease that is set to occur in the decades ahead.

The challenge of CNS drug discovery

The major challenge facing CNS pharmacotherapy is the complexity of the human brain, which means that our understanding of most CNS disorders is far from complete and in many cases essentially rudimentary. Identifying new targets for CNS drug discovery depends, to a very large extent, on our understanding of the biological basis of CNS disorders

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